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Deadpool 2 | Nova equipe da X-Force quase foi apresentada em cena pós-créditos

Filme ganhará versão para menores este mês

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Durante participação em um evento, Ryan Reynolds revelou que a nova equipe da X-Force quase foi apresentada em uma das cenas pós-créditos de Deadpool 2 (via HH). A informação foi divulgada no Instagram de Rob Liefeld, criador do personagem.

O texto revela três ideias de cenas pós-créditos que não foram utilizadas: Deadpool fazendo xixi no túmulo de Shatterstar, Peter com uma prótese no braço e uma nova equipe da X-Force fazendo audição. O protagonista também disse que tem muitas ideias para Deadpool 3 e que o roteirista Paul Wernick tinha dado uma nova ideia pouco antes do começo do evento.

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DEADPOOL Q&A Academy Screening! The Academy screening filled the legendary Zanuck Theater on the Fox lot last night. The place was at capacity and the sense I got was that many of these folks were seeing the film for the first time. My son turned to me after the first few roars of fresh laughter and said “Have these people really not seen this yet?” “Welcome to Hollywood, son.” I whispered back. Feels like some academy members may wait until screening season to catch up. Afterwards there was a spirited Q&A with Ryan and his co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Each of them are writers are on the film as well as producers. The big takeaways from the Q&A are as follows. 1) The purpose of Deadpool 2 was to find Wade a family and a sense of belonging amongst the dysfunctional X-Force, hence it being a “family” film. 2) Hiding the fate of X-Force was priority and they enjoyed the mis-direct created with the extra attention marketing provided by making them seem more important in the grand scheme. 3) THE CODA’S were shot after the film had been testing well and they were not glimpsed until the film’s release. 4) TIME TRAVEL can be tricky but they utilized it as a means of changing Vanessa’s fate, something they hotly debated given it could be seen as cowardly but ultimately felt served the characters the best. 5. Ryan shared that un-used CODA’S involved Deadpool peeing on ShatterStar’s grave, Peter showing up with a prosthetic arm and an entire new X-Force team auditioning. 6. DEADPOOL 3 - Ryan said there is no shortage of ideas for DP 3 and in fact Paul Wernick pitched him a fresh take in the lobby prior to the Q&A. Rhett commented that X-Force is brewing as well, very exciting. 7) The turnaround between the 1st and 2nd film was a brisk 12 months. I’d say they nailed it! Good news all around. Wishing the film and its award campaign the very best! #deadpool #marvel

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